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HELP Needed: Lafayette Theater Build

Finally started my dedicated HT project after more than a year of saving money.

I am from Butuan City, Philippines and my HT room is 23'L X 15'W X 9.8'H. It is located on the 2nd floor of the three-storey house extension being built.

I was reading some posts about soundproofing and acoustic treatment but unfortunately most of the materials are either not available here or too expensive.

While browsing google I found this local company offering Polyurethane Insulation @ USD 18 per square meter (2 inches thick, still waiting for the quote for 4-inch thick). I also found a rock wool supplier.

I hope I can get help from you guys as this will be my first project. I only learn about home theaters through this forum and I am very much thankful for those who contributed and shared their works here.

Any comment about this product?

Soundproofing for Your Home

After the application of Polyurethane Insulation, Is it okay to use ordinary plywood for my wall? Do I still need to install bass traps, etc?

Between the two options below which is better?

1. Rockwool, or
2. Polyurethane insulation

What difference will it make if I get 60kg density or 80lg density should I choose rock wool?


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