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Lag in my Harman AVR247 audio output, don't know where to start isolating

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I have Vista ultimate installed, and am watching movies using Windows Media Center. I have an ATI HD 4650 512 mb, 128-bit vid card, with hdmi output to my Harman AVR 247 receiver.

I have combined community codec pack installed, ffdshow, ac3filter, haali media splitter all installed on my pc.

I am experiencing lag in audio. Don't know where to start. During playback of movies, I can see 2 icons on my system tray on my primary lcd monitor. Something like FV and OV, if I remember it correctly.

I think there might be some settings that needs to be adjusted, but don't know where to start. Am not familiar with the settings.

I am watching movies encoded in 720p, ac3 movie.

Please help.
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I have your same receiver but i just use to optical in for my htpc but have used the hdmi for my Ps3. Before I upgraded the firmware there were many problems like 1080i content would downconvert to 480p for some reason (PS3 hdmi). I hadn't had any problems with the audio but try to upgrade the firmware possibly. You could also try to change setting using the on screen display...
Firstly, make sure your issue isnt just related to one movie. So many times have I troubleshooted and wasted time only to find out the HD rip i made was wrong.

Secondly, Since you have AC3 filter installed, this may be causing the lag, have a fiddle round with some settings during playback to see if it changes things. You should have everything set to 'As is' or SPDIF, if you dont, there will be processing going on.

Make sure also that the frame rate of the movie you are playing matches that of your monitor refresh rate, you might have your driver set incorrectly to output a different refresh rate and there is pull down going on.
I also forgot to ask what audio your Rip has? If its lossless, most likely it is downconverting which may be causing your problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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