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Lamp failure? Help me!

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I have a Toshiba 43A10 RPTV. It about 4 years old. We were watching it the other day when there was a pop followed by the screen going blank and a flashing red LED. I took the screen off and I can see what appears to be filaments inside two of the lamps, but not in the center. Is there any way to tell if this is my problem before I order a part? Service centers want $150 just to come look at my TV and that isn't even applied to the repair cost, so any help to avoid that would be appreciated. Thanks.
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That's your problem. Can you not change it out youself?
I'm confused - isn't that a crt model? If so, there aren't any lamps...

Probably a power supply issue, but unlikely that you'd be able to confirm that on your own. Sounds like a service call is in order - you might check around and see if there are any service centers in your area that will count that $150 towards your repair bill.

Keep in mind though that it's probably not worth fixing if it's going to be more than $300 or so...
It is a CRT. My bad. Rather than paying some guy $150 to tell me I'd owe him another $400 to fix it, I just plopped down for a new set. Bought a Hitachi 51f59 for $708. I thought that was pretty good, and possibly in the ballpark of what the toshiba would have cost to fix. But I may never know. At least I have HD, widescreen and a few more inches to make me feel better about money wasted. I'm going to hold on to my old set for a while in case I find out some new info on it, but it will likely be sold or headed for the recycle heap.
Unless it's a really great CRT RP then it's tough to start replacing guns.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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