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Hey all.

I posted a similar question a few weeks ago and didn't get an answer, hopefully can give me some advice this time.:p

Anyway, I had (have) an Epson S1+ projector, which I rather like, and it's been working fine. However, it started to have an occasional issue with delays in lighting the bulb at start...it would take about double the time before the bulb turned on. Finally, on one startup it just hung there without the bulb lighting up and finally the light flashed red indicating an internal error. Unplugging the proj and replugging it back seemed to reset something...the bulb came right up when I powered it back on.

I though that perhaps the lamp power supply had been damaged when I had had some problems with a faulty VGA cord that caused some sync issues. I called epson and they sent out a replacement...a refurbished projector, but it seemed to work just fine.

And now last night all of a sudden, when I went to power it up it hung and then flashed the red light again. :( Different projector, new bulb. I unplugged it and it worked fine after.

Epson units aren't really known for lamp issues, are they? Two projectors with the same problems in a row suggests that perhaps I'm doing something wrong...but I power up/down per instructions. Is the occasional lamp issue not uncommon to projectors and I should stop fretting about it?

Any advice given would be great. I'm new projector owner, perhaps this is just too much worry on my part...
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