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I have a no-so-old laptop I'm thinking of putting into HTPC use...is this a good idea? Its served me well for about 2 years, but how would it handle being on all the time?

Its a Compaq v2000Z, with an Turion-64 ML-37 processor and 1 gig of RAM.

I was thinking of putting a 4 gig flash card into it and running the OS off the memory card to save wear on the hard drive (although this isn't really necessary).

The laptop WILL run Vista Media center (actually, its already running it [innocent look])

If I just power management to stay on, make it ignore the closed lid, and set the TV as the primary display - is there a problem? am I overlooking something? I wouldn't be using the laptop to record anything - it would be for playback only. I'd probably either be playing media from another server on the network, or just login remotely and copy content to it if necessary.

right now, I have a Tivo series 2 performing this function, but I'm thinking of getting a E* VIP622, which means I would lose the ability to play my media from a server on the network.
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