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First time poster here......your feedback to other users has been invaluable with getting me more up to speed on setting up, but I have a few additional questions.

Background: I am currently trying to duplicate my professional workstation as much as possible in a portable solution, but will obviously be powering off my laptop. My professional set up includes 3 monitors off a Dell tower.

I currently have a HP G70 laptop (specs below):

I am looking into getting 2 portable monitors (link below):

Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14" Widescreen LED Monitor

My laptop will currently power up 2 additional monitors, however will only allow one to serve as an extended desktop and one to serve as a clone display (thus limiting me to 2 screens).

Does anyone have any insight into the minimum requirements to power the 2 additional monitors, while also utilizing extended desktop (for work purposes, this would be 3 separate screens, displaying different programs).

I have read about Sapphire / Radeon components that work for around $60, but may require additional adapters to make it function.

Would this accomplish what I am looking for?

On a side note - my current laptop is almost 8 pounds. Does anyone know of any lightweight laptops or ultrabooks that will power 3 screens (laptop display plus 2 additional screens) without needing any additional components?

I am a newbie at this - I've read limitations based on graphics card, OS, etc (my current computer used Vista).

Thanks for all of your help.
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