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I know this is the no. 1 question and I have looked everywhere on the internet, thousands of differing opionions and setups. Having no luck here:

1. Toshiba 34" CRT HDTV, has svideo x 3 in puts, HDTV componenet 2 inputs, assorted video inputs

2. Panasonic laptop with 1 VGA external monitor output, video card that supports hookup to projector and other video equipment:

Intel 82852/82855 GM GME Graphics Controller

3. I bought an svga to component cable, three plugs on the end which correpond with the HDTV component Y Pr Pb

4. Plugged everything in, rebooted set the laptop display manager to monitor, set the tv to HDTV component in 2, nothing. I see nothing is happening.

5. Tried every possible setting in both the laptop graphic controller as well as the tv. Not a thing.

6. I am wondering:

a. if the VGA output driver graphics card is in fact not SVGA? Cannot find any info about that at intel's support site or elsewhere

b.if this is the reason for not displaying, is there VGA regular cable to video in , regular RCA video inputs, and will that work?

7. I see and read all sorts of things about third party hardware to convert the signal.

a. are these an absolute must in order for it to even work?

b. should I not see anything at all regardless whether the quality is good or not?

I have to think that it is the cable SVGA plugged into the HDTV component.

What other direct cable connectilons should or could work?

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