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Large 4K BluRay Videos Playback issues

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Hi Guys,

I am having trouble playing back large 4k video content across multiple file types and players and devices...

I have completely different file sources I tried both (.mkv, .m2ts) and different movies but they all have this odd glitch/scramble video issue that occurs randomly every 10-15 seconds throughout the video (see attached screenshot example), it happens at the exact same time/frame everytime.

File sizes are roughly 50-60gb and have tried playback on both local HDD/SSD as well as high-speed USB 3 external HDD devices.

I have tried 4-5 different movie files all 50-60gb each have a similar issue. is it file size issue? the video files themselves have been verified by other people to be perfect and playback fine for them so I don't think its a video source problem.

I have tried the below devices all exhibit the same issue at same point;

Main PC (clean OS, latest drivers, high-end gaming PC with core i7, 1080Ti video, latest drivers) Tried VLC, Potplayer, MPC, all have the exact same issue
2019 LG LED TV 75" SM9400
MacBook Pro with VLC Player.

Any ideas? see attached sample screenshot of the issue.


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Note: other than that the video plays perfectly smooth and clear!
A few things to look at. Have you run performance monitor to see if something else is running in the background as CPU should be well under 10% at idle. HDMI cables can cause odd issues so have you tried a different one?
I ran into a similar issue recently with one of my 4k discs. I ripped it to mkv format using MakeMKV and the screen was severely pixelated during playback just like one of your screen shots. I remuxed the disk using the MKVToolNix GUI and now it plays fine. MakeMKV usually works just fine for me but for some reason it didn't in this case.
Thanks Guys,

I know its not my hardware/software - i think its the files as large 50-60gb files may be corrupted during download? I thought torrents had error checking on files duuring download in case of interruption.

I think I will try remuxing with makemkr as this seems the most logical approach, I will report back.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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