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Las Vegas Uncut and Uncensored

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Las Vegas the First Season Uncut and Uncensored is to be released in early January.

Here's the question: description on all six sites I've looked at indicate that the set contains all 23 episodes of the hour long series. But they also indicae this will be on 3 disks :eek:

They claim widescreen and Dolby sound.

How do you get something like 19 hours of video on 3 discs?

Are they contemplating two sided discs?
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Okay, I don't watch this series, but I'll ask the question that announcement begs: what would be the need for an "Uncut and Uncensored" version of this network series?
Yes really. Does Nikki Cox have a costume malfunction or something? :)

So many questions, so few JPEGs!

Las Vegas is a good show. I wonder what the uncensored stuff is. Anybody know? Vanessa is so hot. I wish this show was on HBO.

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