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Laser BLU for LCD?

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This technology could be a big deal as laser BLUs potentally offer several big advantages over even LED BLUs (200% NTSC, cost, efficiency).
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yes, but for rear projection TV's, apparently.


"Over the past two years Novalux's focus has been on Necsel for projection displays. We're now moving to manufacture lasers for those applications, said Greg Niven, Novalux executive vice president of marketing.
Novalux should be credited for very nice demo and being a frontrunner in the field of laser TVs. However, there is no way these lasers will have lower cost than LEDs. Look at Novalux' web presentations. These are LED-like chips with external laser resonator and a bunch of expensive crystals for conversion of light into different colors. I hope they will find a way to make a laser TV for reasonable cost but I am afraid cost will kill this eventually and LEDs will win. I do not see why they shouldn't.
From Display Daily:
The most striking new BLU technology in Long Beach was shown in a hotel suite by Novalux, where the company showed a 32" LCD TV with a backlight based on the company's Necsel lasers. Novalux has been aggressively developing these lasers for rear-production (RP) television, where they promise to improve the color gamut and illumination source lifetime of the set. LCD TVs were an obvious next target. In a few months they developed an impressive technology demonstrator, and a company representative reports intense interest from LCD TV and backlight makers.

The laser BLU shown in Long Beach used one red, one blue and one green laser - all in the same 2-4W class being developed the RPTVs. The demo LCD TV exhibited more saturated colors than a comparison unit using traditional CCFLs, and at its current state of development, produced an image that was not as bright. This was understandable as the demo did not optimize the backlight design nor did it adjust the color filters or gamut of the TV.

Laser illumination offers many of the advantages of LED backlighting, but the entire panel can probably be evenly illuminated with three devices instead of - in some configurations - hundreds. It's the potential cost saving that's creating the excitement. Those nicely saturated colors and extended color gamut are a bonus.

Novalux predicts products in two or three years.
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