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DNP Develops Technology to Prevent Scintillation on Projectors and Displays Using Laser Light Sources

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP) has applied the multi-recording and light-forming functions of holograms in the development of technology to reduce speckle noise that is the cause of scintillation generated on projectors and displays that use laser light sources.

Amid the practical advances seen in recent years in Light Emitting Diodes (LED) as the light source for displays, projectors and illuminations, laser light-sources with longer life, reduced power-consumption, and where it is possible to downsize the optical components, have been in the spotlight as new light sources following on from LED. Laser light comprises high straight line performance, and compared with LED that tends to diffuse in a radial fashion, is extremely bright with high color purity, and as a result, has superior color reproduction characteristics. Compared to other light sources, when used with a projector it is possible to reduce the number of optical components leading to down-sizing, which further facilitates incorporation into mobile terminals. And by switching the high-pressure mercury lamp, used with currently available projectors, to laser light sources, it is possible to remove the use of mercury. In the case of laser, however, the light scattered on the light source unit and screen that serves as the irradiated surface interferes with each other, and is prone to generate speckle noise, which, as the name suggests, appears as a fine mottled splashing, which is in turn the cause of scintillation................................."

Damn good news....bring on the laser light sources.
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