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I just purchased my first ever set of high end audio equipment for a HT and am amped! (pun intended)
The only thing missing now is the perfect Amp to compliment it.

My setup is the following (all Polk):
Rti8 front towers
Rti4 surrounds
CSi3 center
Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector

All located in a 14' x 12' room that opens up into another room of approx. the same size.
Mostly for tv/movie with the occational music/game application.
Inputs will all be running directly intoto the receiver: Cable, Apple TV & Playstation (HDMI) & Maybe a Wii (VGA) and then to the projector through HDMI.

I am on a budget so I will likely need to purchase used, what should I look for to make sure the following is possible:
Get the most out of these speakers?
Make sure the HDMI directly from the projector to the receiver doesn't get downgraded from 1080P video & sound?
Make sure the HDMI & Wii VGA works?

Bonus Questions:
Do I need a dedicated sub with the Rti8's?
Will I need sound dampening?

I am located in Calgary AB Canada

Thanks so much for everyones help in advance!
Much appreciated.

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Are you running the HDMI through the walls to the projector? if so, get an in wall cable. Get something HDMI 2.0 compliant is probably a good idea.

The speakers are high sensitivity from what I could find so a receiver alone would be fine to power them.

I'd get a receiver that supports things like CEC so the devices can change the input on the receiver.

A sub is always better. Sound dampening is always a good idea.

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Thanks for your help zgeneral.
Any ideas on how many watts I will need to get the best out of these speakers? any other things I need to look for?
90% of the time you won't be using but a few watts. Unless you plan on trying to listen at 105db at the listening position any recent AVR will drive them just fine.

And if you want the whole HT experience you need a good sub or two.
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