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For those interested in Oz DTV news see the following ex

the www.dba.org.au > website :

ABC Fly TV takes off

(1 November 2001)

Australia's newest digital television channel was launched today.

The program line-up is fresh, very youth oriented and unique to Australian television.

A quick look at the program guide gives an overview of the direction of the service.

Popsui - Music news

Strum - Fashion news

Twitch - Technology news

Flytalk - Music reviews

$$$$ - Jobs

Flush - Environmental issues

Casey & Stash - Legal issues

Rare Grooves - The finest in vinyl

Classic Rage - recordable music videos

School - Inside Australia's school system

Off the menu - mixing new bands with tasty bites

Sinbin - pop culture musings of a couple of maggots who watch a little too much TV

Recommend visiting the Fly website to get a better feel.

(Go to Fly TV website)

http://www.abc.net.au/fly >

Cheers from down under,

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