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I am posting this because it took me hours upon hours today to finally figure out what was happening, and a call to Pioneer support was replied with something totally off.

My setup:


- Pioneer VSX-21TXH (brand new)

- this also happens on VSX-1019AH-K and my guess all other latest Pioneer receivers

- Windows 7 Ultimate (Media Center PC) with HD TV and BlueRay drive over HDMI (also happens on other version of windows)

- ATI All-In-Wonder HD card (seems to also happen on all latest ATI HD cards)

The issue:


- The screensize of the HDMI when connected to the pioneer receiver does not display in full screen when appropriate 1920x1080 (24hz refresh rate) aka native 1080p is set. This also happens on other standard HDTV resolutions like 720p and 1080i

- The screen looks fine but it's reduced in size with black borders all around the image

The problem:


- When the API card detects the HDMI display, for some reason it automatically sets an Underscan of about 15% - this means the screen size is reduced by 15% and causes the full screen to be lost and about 1 to 2 inch of black bars all around it.

The solution:


1. Make sure you have the latest ATI Catalyst drivers AND software

2. Open the Catalyst Control Center software

3. Find your display, right-click and hit "Configure"

4. Look for the Overscan tab and move the slider back to 0% and tada!

This was such a headache, I couldn't figure out for the life of me. I went through the manual page by page, tried different hdmi ports, tried DVI-HDMI instead, tried setting audio to PASSTHROUGH in case there was some kind of processing happening, tried different cables and nothing.

I even called Pioneer receiver's technical support who told me it looks like a receiver issue so return it for a new one or try a HDMI signal booster because there is loss in frequency, which made no sense to me because I saw no distortions in the image.

Anyhow, this is the solution, no quality loss. I hope this helps someone else out there

~ L
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