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Hey gang-- I'm trying to upgrade my old 42" 720 Samsung Plasma to a 46/47" 1080p display.

I've been trying to understand the latest LCD/LED technology cuz I keep getting TVs that don't look good on my MediaCenter HTPC.

I see the terms edgelit, backlit, local dimming, smart dimming, trueled, fullarray, etc.. etc.. and I'm pulling my hair out!

I PRIMARILY use it for watching 720p content from my ceton cablecard tuner in my PC; however, I have a large bluray collection that I play via my HTPC, NetFlix streaming, and play LEGO Games with the kids (all on the HTPC).

I don't really care about 3D (gives me headaches).

Case in point:

I've seen a really nice Samsung LED UN46D7000. But, it's only edgelit. Then I'm reading about a Vizio XVT3D474SV that's backlit-fullarray.

Which one is better? Ahh!!! lol

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