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Dear experts,
This is my first post, thanks in advance for your input.

I am technology installer, work with cctv, audio, cat6 for telephones and data.
Doing a larger than normal install (for me) and need some guidance.

There is a training room that we are installing 5 TV's and 6 speakers (70v). All equipment will be in an AV room about 400' away. I will install a lav wireless mic inside training room. Mic and receiver will live inside the training room. Mixer and amp will live in the AV room, about 400' away. I'm thinking of doing a 400' xlr run to connect the lav to the mixer. i know it would be ideal to move the equipment closer, but the customer wants it in the IT room.

What do you think?

mic: BLX14/CVL-J10
mixer: Yamaha MG06 Mixer
feedback eliminator: dbx-afs-224
amp: JBL CSA 1120Z
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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