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Law of Acoustics

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I thought you might enjoy this ditty courtesy of Tom Norton of Ultimate AV: Here is an obviously tongue-in-cheek summary of the "Laws of Acoustics." I'd credit it (it's not my work) but unfortunately the single sheet I have lists neither source nor author.

Laws of Acoustics

"Any idiot can design a loudspeaker and, unfortunately, many do.

You can say anything you want, who's to prove you wrong?

The right amount of magnet is the right amount of magnet.

The only transient of significance in the audio business is tranquility. It is also the briefest.

Accuracy of reproduction is determined by how well a sound system models someone's warped set of preconceived notions.

In audio, as elsewhere, foolproof systems prove the existence of fools.

Price buys not performance but paranoia.

The most outspoken experts on concert hall sonic reality have seldom, if ever, been to a concert.

The more money spent on an audiophile system, the less time spent listening to music.

And my favorite: In a minimum phase system there is an inextricable link between frequency response, phase response, and transient response, as they are all merely transforms of one another. This, combined with minimalization of open-loop errors in output amplifiers and correct compensation for nonlinear passive crossover network loading, can lead to a significant decrease in system resolution lost. However, this all means nothing when you listen to Pink Floyd."

Hope you enjoyed it. Regards, Norm
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