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Lazarus Hybrid Tube Amp and Pre Amp Repair

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Hello- I need some expert advise if possible. I have a Lazarus 200/200 Hybrid Tube Amplifer and Cascade Basic Pre-Amp. Circa 1985. It has been unused for sometime. Before it was boxed up I was having problems with major static from one channel of the system.

I currently have it into a high end type shop and was a little taken back on the amount of the estimate for repair. He said that to do a through service on the amp without tube replacement would be in the 400.00 range not including shipping and the pre amp would be in the 150.00 range.

He wants to charge anouther 25.00 per tube which I also find upsurd. Am I off base or is this just another rip off for people that can't work on their own equipment.

I love the gear and plan on upgrading my ADS satallite speakers to a ADS L810 or 3 way Infinity.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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