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Ok ,I,m the new guy on the block bought the above unit had no way to calibrate the sound on the setup all calibration is crossed out and greyed out!! and can not connect to wifi told I needed the unit to be less than 25 ft. from wireless to tv wifi new house no steel blocking only one sheetrock wall and 27 ft.away. Ok two laptops and one desktop and e-readers all work ok I call Sharp told first need to do firmware update ok and use 4gb. stick and not use brand :xyz: tried it n/g called back told now use a 1or 2 gb.stick and to open to desktop then transfer to stick and install first time told to transfer to stick and it will open automatically..not allrighty getting annoyed and not getting to the wifi is crazy do you really need to be "X" distance from wifi do i need to go and buy a repeater for the house? getting crazy if I wasn,t bald already I woud be real soon

any help out there?

thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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