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Why has digital not taken over the RPTV market?

Could it be that your DRPTV is going to drop dead in less then a year of use? Who would buy a TV that lasts less then a year, then needs to be serviced for say $500.00. For that mater how does a sales man sell a digital PJ to the average Joe. "Joe, you buy this nice PJ and bring it back to us for service every 6 months at a cost of $$$ and we will install the bulb for free".

I think digital has one huge problem that needs to be solved, Bulb life. Bulb technology has been around for a very long time and they can only get a few thousand hours out of them. Could be a very long time before they solve that one.

I won't be there when the lights go out.

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I think it is a slow process but there are a few LCD RPTV's and DLP RPTV's out there.

One of the problems I think is the fact that the lamp has to be changed out after around 1500 hours. I know when clients hear abouth this they tend not to want to go that route due to the fact that the bulb is very expensive and not that easy to get.

The whole digital projection format is still new and growing so it's gonna be some time before digital is the only way to go.

There still a few CRT manufactures out there and plenty of RPTV manufactures making CRT's for their TV's. I just dont know why RPTV manufacturs dont make there projectors in FP models. That would certainly keep CRT going!
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