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I have a question about something I read while doing some research about the color range of LCD televisions. I provided a copy below. It is the second paragraph that my question concerns. Here is a copy of what was printed:

Color Range:

"Various manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, and Cannon are experimenting with extending color reproduction of LCD televisions and video recording products. Fully using the extended color gamut will naturally require work on the part of content providers, such as movie studios' DVD products and the video game industry, of appropriately captured material and some modifications to the distribution channel. This changeover may take some time, but will ultimately greatly enhance the richness of color in media content.

Until that source content is provided, the only use of the extra colors would be to let the viewer boost the color saturation of their tv's picture beyond what was intended by the producer, but avoiding the [otherwise unavoidable] loss of detail in saturated areas."

So, my question is: What does > "" but avoiding the [otherwise unavoidable] loss of detail in saturated areas""
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