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I have a Vizio vx37LHDTV. As you can see my TV shows lines and display multiple pictures. The TV works fine for 5 minutes or sometimes it can work well for 30 min. before it goes bad. When it does, I turn it off for few minutes and it works! However the time I leave it off can last from 1min. to 10 min.

I like to fix it since I don't have the money to buy a new one.

Last year when this happened I tried to return it to Sams Club but without a receipt, they wouldn't take it. Surprisingly when I returned home, the TV worked well for a good 10 months when it started to do it again. I think during the moving and shaking in the car and shopping cart made a difference.

Do you think it is a T Con Board proablem? If then, I want to fix it myself.

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