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Looking at two models right now. The Sony Bravia EX500 vs. the Sharp Aquos LC60E88UN. On amazon they seem to have a lot more reviews for the Sharp, but I don't really go off THEIR reviews, rather the experienced people here on AVS

I'm sold on plain-jane LCD....It's a proven technology and I'm not a big fan of the led edge-lit. I do admit, however, that I do not have a lot of recent experience with flat panels; I personally do front projectors and this tv is for my parents.

Which one is better PQ/reliability wise? The primary use of this TV is Satillite SD channels, although they have HD channels as well.

The ONLY feature that I'm interested in, is having a VARIABLE AUDIO OUTPUT. If these TV's don't have that, then I might look elsewhere. THANKS FOR ANY RESPONSES!!!
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