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Hi, first off i know this is somewhat off-topic as most of these threads are about LCD TVs, not monitors, but this was the closest match i could find, and the technology is the same so i figured you guys might be able to help.

so here's the basic deal. i just bought a refurb viewsonic monitor. it's a real nice p-mva panel, the vp2330wb, which looks absolutely gorgeous and is exactly what i need for my office setup. there's just one problem. there are these dark patches on the screen that I cannot make go away. they are not on the surface, and so far as i can tell, they are internal, and not related to burn in (already did a burn-in test).

there's one that's about an inch-diameter circle in the upper right, and a large blob-shaped one in the upper left area. I took a picture of the upper left one with my oh-so-fantastic cellphone camera. its enough to at least see what's happening. basically, the dark patches just make everything under them a few shades darker. the colors appear to stay the same, they just get darker. it's not that terrible when looking at a multicolored window or picture, but when trying to work with text or web stuff, its extremely distracting.

the ebay seller does have a return policy but i'm trying not to do that if its at all possible.

so. does anyone have a clue what might be going on? i've searched the web and these forums for such issues, and i mainly find stuff about the actual backlight not being uniform (don't think thats it, since it's non-linear) and the surface having a residue of some kind on it (definitely not the case).

so i'm kinda lost now. i've got a couple of days to try and figure this out before i have to return it. any help i can get would be super-appreciated.

thanks a bunch!

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