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LCD or Plasma..Pros and cons??????

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I'm looking at getting a 42in Plasma or LCD. But I don't know where to start. Why would I buy a LCD over Plasma, maybe $? How is Plamsa better than LCD? Where should I start. Helppppppp!

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Do a search for this I'm sure you'll find plenty on that topic
These kinds of threads usually get ugly. You searched and could not find ONE thread that already exists on this topic?
Without getting ugly, both have their advantages. LCD's cost a lot more than the equivalent plasma, but lets assume money is no object. LCDs have a sharper more contrasty look to them, some people like it, some like me don't, it's a personal thing. Also the color variations on LCDs is not as smooth creating a blotchy appearance. These are the main reason I don't use an LCD panel for my PC, it's hard to do photo editing if you don't know if the problem is the picture or the LCD. Secondly, LCDs are getting better but you still get motion blur because the LCDs don't refresh as fast as CRT or Plasmas. This is evident in fast action movies or football games. Lastly, people seem to experience more dead pixels with LCDs than with Plasmas.

Knowing this, take a close look at the units you intend to buy and bring your own DVD with a fast action movie like the intial boat chase scene in Italian Job, specially with contrasty scenes and see which you like better. I just saw Italian Job on a Phillips LCD and it didn't look good at all but looks fantastic on my RPTV.
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I'm sorry but were not going to do this one again, maybe in a few months.

Thread is closed!

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