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Because I am not an owner of the specific Panny plasma that I am interested in, I thought this would be better also as a separate thread, and would get more responses, and not put the owners' thread off - topic.

Here goes:

Help me over to the dark side of the Panny, guys

...a few questions.

I have a sammy 550 series LCD (40") and i am a bit tired of the uneven backlight, viewing angle problems (losing contrast at the slightest turn of the head), and flashlights (backlight bleed on corners) ... it's not a HUGE problem, but bothers me none the less... a nagging feeling...like "knowing" that these shortcomings are there, even when i don't see them...I do see them pretty often.

I do like the PQ a lot, and if the tv didn't have these shortcomings i have no reason to be unhappy.

so I can still return it and exchange till 1/31. from 100s of hrs of research I have done, chances of getting a LCD without flashlights, uneven back light bleeding etc etc are not big, no matter what brand...

so I have been thinking of the dark side

a nice member that I know here on AVS had the exact same TV and exchanged it for a Panny 42" P80U plasma and he is very happy...his problems with the 550 sammy LCD were exactly the same as mine.

I have a few questions that I want you guys to answer (some of them he couldn't)


how is the OTA HD channel reception on the 80u/85u ? (i was pretty happy with the performance of the LCD, with a simple rabbit ear antenna; and just wanna make sure i won't lose anything that I had)

2. i only have one window in my living room, with those rolly-blinds.

should i be scared of the glare?

how "dark" will it really be in daylight compared to LCD with blinds dawn? (if you want pic of room, please say)

3. will i notice any LOSS in sharpness compared to LCD?

4. I am not a big fan of unnatural/popping colors, but i'd rather have rich, natural, movie like colors... will the Panny 80/85u serve me right?

5. Can you guys actually SEE a difference in PQ betw. 80u and 85u? (I am aware of all spec differences; do they translate into better PQ practically?)

so...if you guys have time please convince me, and alleviate my fears that everyone have about plasma..

I'd especially like to hear from you guys who made the jump to plasma from LCD and went with a panny...did you "miss" anything?

Thanks so much. Please help me in this quest.

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1. OTA reception shouldn't change any. It is based on your location's reception and the TV will make veryyyy little difference.

2. You will be fine. Plasma's are not as dim as people make out, they just aren't AS bright as LCD's.

3. In short no. In reality that can also come down to the settings you have the set to. Look in the owners' thread for some settings when you get it.

4. Are you kidding? The Panny will teach your Samsung a lesson in natural colors. Pish Posh.

5. I never could really tell the difference, but for the little difference in cost I prefer the bezel of the 85u better.

Hope all that helps.
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