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Hoping to find a professional or industrial version of something like an Somy XBR9 or Samsung B650/B750.

What I mean is a kissing cousin with the same panel, image processing and core specs but without a tuner, consumer widgets and other non picture related dressing. Hopefully in the case of Samsung we can also do without some of the consumer physical design touch of color of stuff.

Would be nice in Sony's case if things like auto dimming could be defeated.

My target is to put these in our media production offices as client monitors, not for critical evaluation of picture but for simple viewing. We want the best viewing possible over HDMI or Component video.

Some manufacturers make displays for retail point of sale, kiosks, video walls and digital signage. However most of these fall way short of the images produced by most consumer sets.

I have seen models like the Samsung 460MP & 700DX. I have also spotted the Sony FWDS42H1.

Just hard to evaluate what these really are and how they compare to consumer sets which have much more information available as to performance and customer review.

Basically looking for an LCD version of what Panasonic does with it 11th gen Plasma Panel which is available in both a consumer model PZ850 and the professional PF11UK series (which we own and hate).

Any Ideas.

Chris Magid

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