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I am a noob to projectors.
I had been using Samsung SP-H03 pico projector for watching movies and such until recently, since it started to show stars on the projected screen - stuck micromirrors on the DLP.
I might be moving to a house where I intend to buy a TV or a decent projector, so for the time being I went ahead and got one of those cheap eBay projector as a temporary measure.
The colors are not as saturated and the projection has quite visible screen door effect. I hope I will be able to bear this for the next few months, till I move.
But one artifact I observed when there is some relatively fast motion on the screen. There is a slanted cut line visible from top center to lower left corner. During slow movements in videos, it doesnt occur. Attaching a screenshot from the video I took.
I can also see this artifact when moving a window up and down or side-to-side on the screen. Observe the shifts on sides of a slanted line within the red rectangle. The yellow line is the full length of the cut that is seen while watching movies sometimes. Always at the same place.
Also uploaded a video, if someone can take a look and advise whether the LCD is going to die soon or is defective, or is it some motion artifact.
The initial part also shows some interference kind of wavy moving lines that are seen in the projection when connected via VGA cable. Does not seem to happen when the projector directly reads from USB stick.
Its the generic RD-805 model, btw.



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