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LCD response times: BTW, BTB, GTG ???

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Hi guys,

BTW = Black to White (Rise Time)

WTB = White to Black (Fall Time)

BTB = Black to Black = Black to White + White to Black (Rise + Fall Time)

GTG = Grey to Grey

Please POST LINKS to articles supporting either case!

I had always thought that Black to Black (BTB - rise and fall time) was the best indication of the speed of a LCD screen. But recently i have been reading a lot of articles that indicate that Grey to Grey (GTG) gives a more honest indication of the AVERAGE response time of a LCD. The reasoning being that the largest voltage differential occurs when changing from one extreme to the other (Black and White) and hence being the easiest transition for the panel to make. Whereas going from shades of grey has lower voltage differentials and is therefore slower and more indicative of average response times.

Now i know that you can not directly convert between any of the measurements listed above (as they are completely different) but what im after is a good indiction of how they compare..

Lets Take the Bravia for instance.

It has a listed response time 8ms GTG... what would be its likely response time in BTW and BTB ???
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Even if you had two G2G figures of merit you still do not know the qualifications of those numbers. One response time could have been from 10% to 90% and the other number computed from a 30% to 70%. Unless manufactures use an an ANSI or ISO definition you'll be comparing apples to oranges.
very true....

im just looking for ball park sort of figure.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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