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I am receiving OTA digital signals while swinging at anchor on a boat. I recently bought a winegard ms2000 omni antenna w preamp, hoping that it would improve the drop out situation that I experience.

At present, I am in a strong signal area and the preamp gain is not needed or helpful.

I previously started a thread on 12/28 titled: Omni directional HDTV antenna problem (wouldn't let me post link as a newbie)

After considering the responses and a long PM exchange, the solution seemed to be get a CECB and use the better multipath rejection software and watch in SD rather than HD, or buy a (dual tuner) DVR and use it to tune my receiver.

I have an Element brand FLX 1510 made in China in October 2007. I am thinking that I would like to have a 19" LCD receiver and want to select one with a high quality tuner that will do a better job of rejecting multipath interference.

I am looking for suggestions as to what brands and models are considered to be good at this and think that recent models with newly designed software may have better algorithms for multipath problems. TIA for responses, Larry
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