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I posted this same question in another thread on this forum but, i doubt anyone saw it because it wasn't in the appropriate thread I guess. I'll test my luck here to see if I get a response or not.

1. LCDs have pixels that have a rated response time of how fast each pixel can go from 1 color state, (let's say Grey), to another and then back to it's original color state (Grey)?

2. Each LCD has a chip inside it that determines the speed of frames displaying on screen which is the Hz rating outside of the response time of the pixels themselves?

3. If the Pixels are capable of 2ms response time then they have a theoretical potential of displaying 500 fps on an LCD? This would all depend on the LCD having a Chip capable of calculating 500hz which none do at this time.

4. Going off the above scenerio, If we had a 500hz LCD with a 24 fps progressive dvd then '500/24fps = the frame refreshed/repeated 20.8 times equals the 40ms since 24*20.8=500'. Correct?

5. If we see a repetitious frame displaying 20 times in 1 sec then wouldn't it become a but hazy?
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