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lcd TURNS OFF in hdtv mode

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I just started using a farily new sharp aquos lcd tv. I dont have cable or sattelite at the location yet and noticed the tv works funny. Ive noticed after about 2 weeks of use that the tv while in OTA hdtv mode turns off after about 10-20 minutes of use. it turn on by itself and off again after a few minutes. after the third time this happens it stays off and the power/OPC lights flash.

However when i watched the tv in regular analog mode it worked fine for hours, also i watched several movies thorugh a DVD player and it also worked fine.

anyone ever here of this problem?

i checked the signal strength and it was fine.

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Try the flat panel LCD forum, this section isn't for displays. Good luck with your issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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