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Hey AVS,

Ok heres my plan. I am putting in a new office in my home since my new job allows me to work remotely. I have a main computer monitor that I will use so the LCD TV will be a secondary display I would like to be a combo display that I will use for TV and as a computer display. I was thinking of Dells new 23" LCD TV but knew yall would know best.

I will be wanting one sub 500.00 since I will be buying two, one for the office and one for the bathroom. So something less then 24" would be fine as well. The aspect ratio is important to me as well and would like it to be wide screen format.

Thanks AVS


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Go to Wal-Mart and buy Emerson or Sears/SamsClub Sylvania have 20" LCD


TV Features

20" TFT VGA LCD Screen

Pixel Resolution: 640 x 480 x 3 (RGB)

ED Display (HD Signal Applicable)

Response Time: 16 ms

Natural Color Matrix

Natural Scene Clear Circuit

3-Line Digital Comb Filter

Contrast Ratio: 500:1

Brightness: 420 cd/m2

View Angle: Vertical: 155 deg

Horizontal: 170 deg

181-Channel PLL Frequency

Synthesized Tuning,

MTS-Stereo, SAP Sound System

Automatic Channel Preset

CCD (Closed Caption Decoder)

V-Chip Function

Remote Control for all Functions

Trilingual OSD

( English/Spanish/French)

Picture Controls: Contrast, Brightness,

Color, Tint and Game

Sleep Timer

Resume Function

Component Video Input 1 Set

S-Video Input 1 Set

Composite Video Input 1 Set

Audio Input 2 Sets

Headphone Jack

Dual Speakers

Tilt Stand Base

Product Dimensions (WxHxD):

24 1/2 x 19 1/8 x 10 5/8, 20 1/2 lbs.

Carton Dimensions (WxHxD):

27 5/8 x 23 11/16 x 12 13/16,

23 5/16 lbs.

UL Listed, FCC / DHHS Certified

Owner's Manual In English and Spanish

476 Sets/High Cube Container

357 Sets/40ft. Container

UPC Code: 053818680135


Goto Target and Trutech Shown below

15.0" Screen Flat-Panel TV with LCD Technology

High Definition with Built-In HDTV/ATSC Tuner

Built-In Stand

4:3 Standard Aspect Ratio

1024 x 768 Pixel Resolution

Contrast Ratio: 400:1



Stereo Sound

6W Total Output (3W x 2)

Remote Control

Stereo Speakers

Operational Features: On-Screen Adjustment Menu

Operational Modes: 250 CD/M2 Brightness

Compatible with 1080i/720p/480i/480p Resolution Specs/Video Modes Formats

Accessories Included: Remote Control


Wall mounts

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I own the Trutech you see above and it does a good job displaying HD content at 1080i using component video (green, red, blue) I also tried progress scan at 480p does a good job also. 720p on those HD stations too..

If you want 16:9 there are sets from VIZIO like 20" LCD Widescreen.. Pricy and image isn't as sharp as above. You'll find that at Costco.

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I'll put my reccomendation in for the TruTech 19" at Target

19.0 " Screen LCD Flat Panel Television with LCD Technology for Crisp Images and Thin Design, LCD Technology

Includes LCD Television, Speakers, Stand, Remote Control, Flat-Panel LCD TV for Great Images with No Burn-In, Desk Stand, Color TV

HD Display When Connected to an Optional HD Source


Video Features: JPEG Viewer to See Your Favorite Photos on the TV, Zoom Feature, On-Screen Adjustment Menu, TFT Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Audio Features: MTS, Broadcast Stereo

My girlfriend had this TV for the built-in DVD player. I put it in my office for some background noise, plugged it into my wall cable, which I only have basic. The QAM tuner on my plasma picks up all kinds of digital stations, but I didn't expect this little cheapo TV to do the same. Not only did it pick up all the HD stations and digital stations that my plasma picked up, it ALSO picked up stations my Plasma did NOT with the automatic scan. The stations I didn't know I had were Fox News, Turner Classic Movies, and the History Channel, 3 of my favorite stations. (depends on your local cable company I'm guessing). I love this little TV for this reason alone. The 1080i is very nice as well.

My girlfriend got it on Black Friday for $199 at target. Currently is over $300, but I would pay it for this little thing if I didn't already have it.

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I own the 15.0" Trutech LCD TV from Target shown above and I 'll put my recommendation for it. It does a great job displaying HD programs. Even the low definition programs look great with it. I find that the preset picture modes are very good. I played with the color temperature and the warm temperature looks best to me. Also I find that the HDMI connection is slightly better than the component connection. I bought it for $240. would recommend the TV to anyone.
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