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 AVS CEPRO Article on LCD Manufacture causing Global Warming
Originally Posted by Steve Crowe /forum/post/0

A chemical used to produce LCDs may be causing global warming, according to a report published in Geophysical Research Letters....The report says NF3 is 17,000 times stronger than carbon dioxide.

Not that this would occur, but if all the NF3 made this year was released into the air, the warming effect would emulate 67 million tons of carbon dioxide, the study found....

While 67 million tons of CO2 is significant, it is sort of a drop in the bucket, and quite inaccurate to say that LCD manufacture is “causing” global warming. World human-caused CO2 emissions = 27 BILLION metric tons per year, and US per capita CO2 emissions = 20,000 tons per individual.

Thus even if the entire “NF3” stock used in LCD manufacture were released, this would be the equivalent of only 3,350 Americans annual CO2 emissions.

Further, the article nowhere states how much NF3 is released. My guess is direct CO2 emissions from the power drawn by the LCD plants is more significant than whatever "NF3" is released.
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