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LCDs - Hitachi vs Panny 50 in.

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Guess I am brain dead by now reading all the threads. Not sure if anyone else feels the same. Sometimes when reading a post, I am not sure what thread it belongs to, until I lok back at the thread title.

Anyway, can anyone do a basic comparison of the two new LCDs (Panny and Hitachi re: what signals they each handle (720p, vs. not), PQ on SD, inputs, or any other relevant factors to consider when making a decision. Have seen the Panny compared to the Sammy DLP, but not really the Hit. I think I read the Hit. has less inputs than one might expect, but I do not remember seeing what the Panny had. The Hitachi web site is abysmal, so not a lot of info coming from there.

Anyone buy one or the other based on a comparison? If so, what did you like/dislike about the one you chose, or did not choose?


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Well, since posting the above, I called a Sears store 20 miles away. He has both the Panny and Hitachi in the back, and is going bring them out front, open them both, hook them to the HD feed, and to a DVD player, and allow me to see them side by side. Said he will have them set-up by late today. I' m on that like 'stink-on-a- buffalo'.

If anyone cares, I will let you know tomorrow, how that comparison goes.

PS. He also has the 60 Hit. LCD, and will do price online price matching, as long as the online store also has a actual 'walk-in' store as well. Any documentable low price hints anyone can share?

I know some people are disappointed with the Hitachi inputs, but my main reason for buying the 50V500 was for the PQ. It beats the panny hands down. Especially were black levels are concerned.

I would rather have the best possible picture available than all the inputs in the world :)
Originally posted by PoolShark
I would rather have the best possible picture available than all the inputs in the world :)
:eek: All the inputs in the world? I think people would love a TV with several DVI inputs. :D
Well, I am still going to look at the two tonight (hopefully). I am a bit concerned that I thought I understood that the Hit does not accept 720p and display it w/o all sorts of up/down conversions. Am not sure if the Panny has the same issue.

All I can tell you is that I have the Panny and I love it! You will be extremely pleased with the PQ of this display and, after watching the SNF game on ESPN last night, TV will never be the same :)
Just curious...what is the lowest price that the Hitachi can be purchased for? I saw it in Sears yesterday (while purchasing my Panasonic), and I must admit, it looked GREAT! Sears was selling it for something like $3200...has ANYONE seen prices for the Hitachi that are even REMOTELY close to the $2200-$2300 price points that people around here are snagging the Panasonic for?
Someone got the Hitachi for just over $2700. That's a good deal. Many of us were getting the Panasonics for $2400 and the Hitachi retails for $300 more so that's a good price. Now, others (including myself) have been lucky and got our Panasonics for even less, as low as $2000. But that is not the norm. Here's the link on the Hitachi. Good luck!


Saw the side by side comparison of the Panny and Hitachi LCD 50s. Few seem interested in this thread, but for those who are, here goes.

Both TVs were hooked to the same Sears HD feed. I fiddled with the brightness and contrast, picture, and all the other regular settings to get the TVs showing fairly well. They were both great looking sets. The guy I spoke with before going in to see them, had told me they had both sets and that he would unpack them and hook them up. Being skeptical, I called first, and he said he was ready, and had hooked them up to DVD players too.

Looked at my Shawshank Redemption DVD (component) on both sets. At first the pic on the DVD seemed more 'refined' on the Panny, but then I wondered if it was the DVD player (each set had it's own player and they were different). The guy said no problem and switched the DVD players. Then we saw that it was the player, because the Hitachi seemed to have the better pic when we switched. Back to the HD loop. Again, both were fine, but we leaned toward the Hitachi. Seemed I was able to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. to get a better end result...albeit, not by a lot.

The Best Buy warranty was in the $350-$400 range as I recall. Sears had a three year policy for $249, including a yearly checkup, in home service, and a guarantee for replacement if they have to come out to fix it 3 times.

Been through all the threads and started out wanting a Plasma. Then wanted a 50 incher, and could not afford Plasma, so went to DLP, and liked the Sammy. Still do. Just did not think the price difference was worth it, plus I was worried about some folks getting dizzy watching it, possible rainbows, etc., so decided to get the Hitachi LCD. Scheduled for delivery next Monday, 9/15.

Thanks to all the forum members who shared their knowledge, and experiences here. It made me feel like I made at least somewhat of an informed choice. Hope I will be happy with the set, and look forward to continued participation here (hey, still need a new DVD player, etc.).

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I forgot to mention, if any of you live near Allentown, PA, or in Jersey close to PA, go to the Sears in Whitehall, PA and ask for Floyd. This kid was great! As I said he unboxed both the Panny and Hitachi for me, hooked them up, and did a lot of switching of DVD players, the actual DVD disc itself, etc., with narry a complaint, or any sign of attitude. He was a pleasure to do business with, and tried his best to get the best price he could for us. We wish him the best, and you too, if you choose to go with him.

Frank, how much did you get your Hitachi for? BTW, the Best Buy warranty is $300 for 4 years. I have no opinion about which is better (Sears or Best Buy). Have fun with your new TV and let us know all about it! We want pictures also.

I have never seen a LCD by either company ever, so this will be a good thread for me to learn. I go to at least a store a week, and wasn't even aware either was coming out with one.

If they are anything like Plasma's then the Hitachi willb e great but expensive, and the Panny will be cheap, but when you consider quality need to be even cheaper.
I was walking through CC today and noticed they had the Hitachi 50" near their "walk through" TV area but it was not hooked up [they have to know it wont sell just on the "looks"..LOL]. I asked the guy to hook it up and the only thing he "could" do was hook it into the in-store HD loop. The other 6 or so TVs in that area were all CRT RPTVs playing the same loop. I noticed immediately that the "out of the box" picture on the Hitachi was noticably better than the other sets but one things imediately stood out to me.

When the loop got to the sports [football] segment I noticed some serious pixelation in the picture. I was about 7ft from the set, but it was really noticeable. Could this be just from the loop material or is this really what to expect on these sets?

I am beginning my foray into the research game for either Sammy, Hitachi or possibly the new Wegas....and will be shopping for the 60" sets...but have yet to really look at the sets properly. I was just curious as if this first "peek" is what I should expect.

It was definitely bright, but really crisp.
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The Hitachi retails for $300 more than the Panasonic. Not exactly expensive either at $3300.

edit: Well, $3300 is EXPENSIVE. But not when compared to the Panasonic LCD or Samsung DLPs. :D
Really I think either set would be good. I like the look of the Panasonic body, but I preferred the Hitachi picture. I'm sure that either would look great if they were setup properly. Just pick the one you like and be happy with it.

I would have considered the Hitachi, but no VGA input killed it. The Panny has VGA and can split the screen, half tv - half VGA. Pretty cool for surfing net while wife watches tv (yet I'm still "spending time" with her).

I looked at Hitachi at Sears and it looked dim to me.

If you sum up all the posts here, my summary is:

Hitachi Pros

- Best LCD PQ

- Better Blacks

Hitachi Cons

- Possibly scaling up/down of 720P signal

- No VGA inputs

- Only 2 (I believe) component inputs

Panny Pros

- Cheaper, by $300 or more

- Input friendly (2 VGA, 4 component)

- Can PIP/Split screens on all inputs (DVI & VGA)

Panny Cons

- Blacks less than Hitachi & DLP but better than GWII
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Yes, both TVs are really good. Its great to have a choice and feel like you're not breaking the bank by getting one TV over the other!
Doesnt the hitachi upconvert everything to 1080p?
I would REALLY be interested in the Hitachi if it was only $300 more...but, at least for now - in the Philadelphia area (which has NO Ultimate Electronics stores), that's just not the case. For now, at least, it is almost $1000 more than the $2284 that I paid for the Panasonic. Would I pay $300 more? Sure. How about $500 more? Perhaps. But - right now, at least - it's almost $1000 more ($3200 at Sears).

If there is ANYONE who has seen or bought the Hitachi on the East Coast for materially less than $3000, please give us the info: store, price, price-matchability, etc...

Otherwise, I'm looking at the same issue as I was with the DLP - the price difference is just TOO great to justify.
Originally posted by tboo
Doesnt the hitachi upconvert everything to 1080p?
"virtual" 1080p - whatever that means. I haven't read yet exactly what the TV does with input signals. I guess it doesn't really matter cause everyone that has seen it says it looks great.
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