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I am in the process of putting together a dedicated theater room (11' 8" wide by 24' long) with an AT screen. 2-3' of length will be behind screen,

I've already decided I want to put 3 identical speakers (LCR) behind the screen.

I was thinking about dipoles for the side surrounds and two bookshelf speakers for the rear surrounds.

My budget is definitely south of 5K.

I already have an MFW-15 subwoofer that I will be using for the time being (until it poops out -- or I upgrade it with Mark Seaton's turbo kit).

Anyhow, I was considering this option:

3 Kef Q900 BL speakers for the front LCR ($2700)

2 Kef Q800ds BL dipoles ($800)

2 Kef Q300 BL rear surrounds ($650)

What do you guys think? Will this system reach reference levels without distorting badly? Will it sound good? Any better recommendations?

Are the Q300s also good for front-high or front wides?

Thanks for the input.
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