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Also posted in the speaker forum, but thought it might get better response here...

I'm currently deciding between Triad InCeiling Bronze LCR and DefTech RCS II or III for my front speakers in a 5.1 (eventually 7.1) setup. One of the differences (at least spec-wise) between these is the recommended (minimum) crossover. The Triads are 80Hz, I believe with the RCS III at 60Hz and RCS II at 40Hz. Assuming these are usable xover points for each model, and that the sub performs reasonably well above these xover pts, what are the advantages of going with a model with lower xover potential? Does it potentially help with sub integration? room modes? FWIW, the subs I'm considering are: SVS SB12-NSD (probably dual), Rythmik E15 and SVS SB13-Ultra.
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