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Leaning tubes. Arghh

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Hey all,

I just recently recieved my very first CRT projector, A sony D50Q. I spent most of yesterday setting it up and tweaking for that optimal performance, but have one into one problem that has me somewhat stumped. Both the green and the blue tubes appear to be tilted in one direction. The resulting picture is square except for the upper left corner which tapers in on both the green and blue signal.(more noticeably on the blue.) Could this be the fine tuning and registration adjustments causing this or is it the actual positioning of the tubes themselves.

PLease Help ME!!!!!!



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Reset EVERYTHING to 50% or 128, including all zone controls.

It's possible that the yokes are shifted a bit, unlikely though if the tubes are original.

It's amazing what you can correct when all convergences are reset to 50% and you start over. If you don't know how to tilt the yokes in your set, post, and we'll walk you through it if that's what the problem is.

Ok. I reset everything to factory settings, manually converged the tubes and refocused. I adjusted the registrations for all three tubes to match up, saving after each one. Picture appeared fine. hooked a pc up to it via a breakout cable. The bottom of the picture remains with in about 1/2 inch of the screen frame, but the top is now projecting over the screen onto the wall. If I size the picture down enough the taper will not be a factor, but the image will only take up 1/2 to 3/4 of the screen I have. I still beleive the blue and green tubes are tilted. What exactly do you mean by "resetting to 50%? I found the 128 in the zones reset,but am not exactly clear on the 50%.

A bit of info about my setup.

D-50Q, ceiling mounted. Do to the fact that the basementof my house has a suspended ceiling, my only viable mount location is a support beam that bisects the room. The screen size is approx. 52 x 96.

Should I be using the specific mounting distances used in the service manual? I came up with approx distances for my non standard screen, but again, due to my mounting location there is some error.

Currently the closest I can come to filling the screen entire screen still leaves 6 to 7 inches on each side as well as allowing the taper on the upperleft corner to become noticable. would a floor mount be a better option?


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Ok I did someresearching into the forum and found some info on how to adjust the yokes. I was able to center up the tubes much better than before and even got a little tighter focus. However, if I increase the size of the picture to much the upper left corner of the blue and the green start to get cutoff. As a result I'm left with a an 80 inch screen size as opposed to the possible 94 inch I could have if I didn't have the leaning. any ideas on why it would do this?

Other than that the picture looks magnificent, save one thing. For some reason, brightly lit objects, such as a mouse cursor or the projector menus, produce trails to the left of where they are centered. Almost like a faint motion blur that extends the length of the screen. It's only noticeable in fairly dark scenes, but I'd still like to get rid of it if possible.

Where did you find that info on the yokes ? You dont have the projector too close to the screen ?
I found the information for the yoke adjustment here:

All I know is I was able to do it, but you got to be real careful. Just adjusting the tightening screw caused a slight static discharge (power off unplugged). I was extra carefule to not touch any metal if at all possible while adjusting it.

My projector is probably closer than it should be. But do to my mounting options, it is probably the best I can hope for, aside from a floor mount, which I'd really prefer to stay away from.

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