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Lease ONe Corp

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Lease One Corp

Hello I"m Sara. I work at Lease One Corp. We need to get a home theater system for our break room. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Much thanks

Sara White
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Wow, I wish I worked for Lease One Corp.

Sara - how about we start with the budget for the equipment for this system, size/layout of the break room, and what the purpose of it is (what will be showing on the screen most of the time)?
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What's your budget? Are you talking about a projector and screen with a Blu Ray player and a receiver??
jpdeuce and I must have been typing at the same time!
That's funny, at another forum you asked this:

Originally Posted by Sara White /forum/post/9596553

Lease One Corp

Hi I work at Lease One Corp. My boss asked me to purchase some new music cd's for our break room. Does anyone have some suggestions?


But then a couple weeks ago, you posted this at that other forum.

Originally Posted by STVN /forum/post/9525827

Hi I work for Shop On TV Network. My boss asked me to find some good dvd home theater products. Do you have any products you could suggest? Thanks for your help.


Mitch King


And you posted something similar here:


A simple Google search makes it obvious that you're just spamming the names of those companies.
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Well the funny thing to me is that post like this can stay up on the board and dont get pulled off, but then threads like Rastargates and the rip thread get removed without warning.
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