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Hey everyone, I have a Toshiba 55UL605U (I believe it is, not 100% sure) but I have not had any complaints or problems with the tv until recently. I got it in either late 2011 or early 2012 and love it but recently, I noticed a few lines of dead/stuck pixels. Im not sure which or maybe both. There are 3 lines total one is just "faded" but changes colors, the next is usually black or white and the biggest of the 3 lines but will also change colors when watching a movie, playing games ect but just usually the wrong color and there is another below it similar to the first. I will have picture below but I was curious if there was any way to fix a line of them on a tv. I have seen many things on how to fix one or two bad pixels but on computer monitors but not a tv, and not a line of them. Its not the biggest deal if it gets fixed because we cashed in on our warranty and have gotten a new tv, they let up keep this one too! :) Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated if anyone else has ever encountered this problem! Thanks!




They do change colors but when watching something, they are usually the wrong color or do something weird like this. 


They span the entire screen but the top and bottom lines fade out toward the right side of the screen. 


If you would like any more pictures, I would be glad to post some. 
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