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Lengthening the Freeze time on Samsung SIR-TS160

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Evening All,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to lengthening the time of duration on the Freeze button on the Samsung SIR-TS160 HS STB? Currently, I think the length is about 5-seconds. I'd really like to get it up to about 20-30 seconds if possible.
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Dang, 28 views and no one even knows if it can or cannot be changed. Has no one had the desire to mess with this unit?
I was wondering the same. I always thought Freeze meant "FREEZE"....
It would be nice in order to do some bracketed screen captures. Five seconds is not long enough to take a 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 second exposure set (as an example), especially when you use a timer that's probablt 15/30-seconds.
Been lurking for a good while . First post (since i have something to contribute)....

just got samsung 160 yesterday and after reading here i tried the freeze button and mine freezez for 30 seconds.
Maybe my brain is still lagging from its drug-induced teen years. Let me time it. And if this is the case, then my requirement would be for five (5) minutes. :)
I haven't tried mine in a while, but it was absolutely longer than 5 seconds...
Ok, ok, but we want it longer.
I have two TiVo's, but none of them are capable of HDTV.
When its available I will get one. Still, the HD TiVo would serve a totally different function. I want a still image on the screen, not a buffer-based pause or a paused recording.
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