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I've been searching for a long time for a forum like this and finally I've found you, so perhaps you could help me find some answers to some questions...

Firstly. I've got a Lenovo X61 laptop which is my main computer. It usually sits in an X6 ultrabay (basically a port replicator with a sata interface).

The ultrabay connects to two monitors via a matrox dualhead2go analogue. The monitors are 19" Iiyama Visionmaster pro 451 CRTs.

All is good. Except that the x61 refuses to give out more than 2048x768. Which is enough for 2(1024x768). Quite apart from my monitors having a native resolution of 1152 x 864, and thus everything is big and clunky and I feel like I'm sitting far too close, my problem mainly is I spend a lot of time using Remote Desktop at 1024x768, which doesn't fit into a matrox split screen. I end up with scrollbars over scrollbars.

So... Is it possible to hack the graphics card to produce a higher screen res?

My monitors do 1152x864 @ 120Hz. I've seen it and used it for years before.

The Matrox unit is capable of doing [email protected] (hmmm a bit slow perhaps)

I don't mind spending some time hacking it if it's possible.

What do you think?


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