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Lens Cleaning

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I have the SE20HD projector and I notice that there is a dirt film on the lens. Can anyone tell me the best way to clean the lens without scratching it?
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Doesn't anyone clean their lens?
You can get a lens cleaning cloth at any camera store. Newspaper will work too.

I have a Toshiba MT-800 and after getting it back from service it had finger prints on the lens.

I used a pens pen, it has a fine brush on on side and a dry carbon based cleaner on the other, the applicator is shaped like the lens and works great. do a search on the net, there is lots of info on it.

I've found that no matter what I do, the lens of my X1 looks like it has dust on it. It looks this way right after I clean it also! And if I clean again, I can't see any difference in the output. So my advice is don't look at the lens and obsess about it.
Yeah, if you keep the lens cap on it when youre not using the pj, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. There isnt a noticable difference in picture quality so like mike said, dont obsess.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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