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I have a Yamaha RX-V465. I understand the point of surround sound and the higher volume during "intense" scenes.

However I live in a condo and have people above me.

I find myself reaching for the remote to turn down the volume on most "intense" scenes then turning it back up again during normal parts of the movie.

Does anyone know how I can level out the sound with my Yamaha RX-V465? I have ran YPAO mic control setup. That seems to be working right. I also tried to increase the level of my center channel presumably increase dialogue output volume and decreased the level of my surrounds. They did not seem to do to much. I have processing set to one of the dolby settings.

I think i have dynamic range compression set to max which is the opposite of what i want.

I thought it was max compression. Looking at the manual it looks like it is maximum range.

I know my receiver also has auto drc which will decrease drc at low volume and increase it at higher volumes. I will set it back to standard and see if that helps.

Would I be better of using DRC on my PS3 or the receiver?

Thanks in advance.
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