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I'm having calibration difficulties with my Radeon HD 4670. I'm trying to calibrate brightness / contrast using the S&M blu-ray disc and here is the problem:

The levels are always being expanded. Only if I adjust CCC to brightness +16 and contrast 86 I get the full range of levels without expansion. Thing is that I don't want to make adjustments at the driver level.

Moreover, even if I fix the issue through the CCC then I get banding.

So, the way things are right now I can get an untouched full range video but with banding, or get an expanded video, maybe without banding (I have yet to check it).

Is there a way to get an unexpanded video while calibrating to full range without banding ?

Here is the setup:

Radeon HD 4670

ATi Catalyst 10.2

WIndows 7 32bit

Arcsoft TMT3
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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