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Hi Everyone!

I just bought a home with a Leviton Integrated Networks Structured Media Enclosure in my Master Bedroom Closet. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the system and I am on the verge of moving in next week. There are Cat5 and Coax connections throughout the house.

As far as services I am having installed, here is a list:

Verizon FIOS TV

Verizon FIOS Internet

Verizon Phone

Here is the equipment I am bringing from my old house:

2 Desktop PCs with Cat5 and Wireless Capabilities (1 will act as a media center)

1 Laptop with Cat5 and Wireless Capabilities

3 HDTVs (Plasma and LCD)

2 A/V Receivers

1-3 HD DVRs (depends on what I can do with the media cabinet)

1 Verizon FIOS modem/wireless router

Here are photos of the current media cabinet:

Unfortunately because I am new to this forum, I can not post up the photos right away...but email me at [email protected] if you would like to see the photos...thanks!!!

Now I do have some questions being not that knowledgable in the home entertainment realm. What is the best way to wire my system for everything noted above? What other equipment do I need in the cabinet? Is there a way to mirror an HD Verizon receiver in other bedrooms using the cabinet as a hub? Other suggestions??? Thanks everyone!!!!!!

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