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Lexcion MC12HD Firmware upgrade coming.

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Looks like there is a few more features that can be extracted from the MC12HD..nice to see.

"forthcoming MC-12 Firmware v2.0, which updates the MC12HD to accept 7.1 PCM signals over HDMI."

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Still short on 7.1 source material, but I will put one on my "wish list".

As regards to the $3500 price tag, I am visiting my mom in CO, and offered to buy her a Sony Bravia-sync DVD player to replace her pre-HDMI Sony (she just got a Bravia LCD and I got her a matching Sony soundbar + sub), but she said the $69 USD price was too high.

I was going to get her a high end Triad or Atlantic Tech soundbar (she doesn't have space or interest in a full surround system) and she didn't want none of that either. Hence the Sony version from Amazon (it does keep the remote control easy for her to manage).

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Was referring to the new Blu-ray you linked to. Lexicon THX -- $3500.00

I was really more interested in the firmware upgrade.

I'm sure we will see some 7.1 mixes soon. For now Logic 7 is a good substitute.

Originally Posted by MLKstudios /forum/post/16892530

I'm sure we will see some 7.1 mixes soon.

Discrete 7.1 mixes started releasing over 2 years ago, with almost 140 titles listed (about 120 of those are already out).
The Lexicon BD player sure as hell looks like the Cambridge Audio 640 BD player!

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Most high end audio companies use mass market platforms for their specialty products that are costly to develop from scratch. They usually specify or develop their own feature set as they see fit, so you are not just getting a rebadged product.

Originally Posted by Haroon Malik /forum/post/16893546

The Lexicon BD player sure as hell looks like the Cambridge Audio 640 BD player!

Looks more like the Oppo BD-83 (see back panel). Same features as well, including ABT scaling.
I thought that the MC-12 was limited by hardware so it could never do 7.1 over HDMI?

Three weeks late but it looks like the free V2 upgrade (7.1 PCM via HDMI and a couple of bug fixes) is ready for download:

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