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Lexicon LX-7 amp compared to...

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Is this amp worthy to get? Or it's better off with the Gemstone?

I probably don't need all 7 channels right now, but this amp is bridgeable...

Also like compare the LX-7 with EAD PM 2000, Krell KAV1500, and Pass Labs X3 or X5. What are the pluses or minuses of each amp? If you heard any of the amps above, please comment. Thanks.
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I currently have Gemstone amp & I find it a better match for my Aerials. It replaced Anthem & Rotel in my setup. Now I have lot more punch, detail & soundstaging. I have not heard others amps you mentioned. But there is a big price difference between Lexicon & Gemstone.
;) I know the LX-7 is much more expensive. Even a used one would cost over $500 more than a new Gemstone 7 channel!. But that is why I wonder if the LX-7 is worth it... Also I have no experience with other amps like the Krell KAV 1500, EAD 1000 or 2000 or Pass Labs X3 or X5 therefore I am still not sure what will be the best for me... Thanks
I am posting the MN amps shootout results in the picture here. I just wonder where the other amps like I mentioned above would stand in the table in the picture. Also the shootout test was only done in 2 channel I believe. Here's a link to the shootout: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=405527
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I was there and those results are what I heard too... The LX-7 vs. the Gemstone is a tough call... I thought the Gemstone had better low end punch than the LX-7. The LX-7 was maybe a bit sweeter whereas the Gemstone was colder. Both are great choices and sound great.

Is the LX-7 class A or B amplifier?

I thought it's class A but the online user manual has the following which confused me:

Declaration of Conformity

Standard(s) to which Conformity is Declared: EN 55022:1992 (Class B)


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I heard a Pass Labs X5 last night and it was awesome! I could not get over 125x5 are you kidding me! That had more power then my Sunfire amp. One of the best amps I have ever heard and it is on my shopping list.

I am glad that you can audition the Pass Labs X5 and like it. I heard that the X3 is a much better amp compared to the X3 so I can expect what it will be like. That is the reason why I am posting this thread as I want to hear people's opinions on the amps that I listed. I know all of them are good and pass labs could be the best of all in the crowd but how much better than others and better in what sense in each person's opinions is what I would like to know. It's always an advantage to know true experiences from different people. Then I can decide on how much to spend and understand what I am getting. Much Appreciated!

I currently use a sherbourne 7/2100 with paradigm speakers. I already am getting bug to upgrade.

I did not listen to any amps you mensioned, but I did listen to rotel, and classe, anthem 50(the five chanel amp)

What is retail for amps you mensioned. What pre will you use with these amps?

Who did the comparison chart?

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Retail prices for amps listed are all above $4000. You might want to check out the Gemstone 7 x 200 watts amp. Retail is $2499 at http://gemstone-audio.com/amplifiers/blue_diamond.php

My pre/pro is Krell Showcase.

The comparision chart came out from an amps shootout in MN. Link below:
Gemstone has yet to produce any 5 channel amps, but I am hoping they will soon. They were also talking about some cosmetic changes. Steve?
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