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Lexicon MC-1 Best Deal

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Where can I get the best deal on a Lexicon MC-1?
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did you try a dealer?



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The nearest dealer to me is two hours away. Any web dealers available with the exception of AV Science? Can AV Science get any B-stock?
Don't know how you feel about this route, but I bought mine off Ebay. I got a brand new unit with the latest firmware from an authorized dealer for $3800. auction link here

Of course there are disadvantages to buying on ebay, but I purchased it from a person who had previously sold MC-1's to others and had lots of positive feedback.

BTW, I just did a search, and it looks like they are going for more like $4200-4300 now.

You might try contacting the seller and making him an offer.

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AV Science does sell Lexicon. Please contact [email protected] or call Allan at 716-454-1460. Not sure if any B-Stocks are left or not.


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It's still a good deal. Sure, high 3K rang would be nice, but still 1800 off on a good processor is a great deal. I paid 1900 plus for mine plus my DC-1. I paid 3750 for my DC-1. So, your sitting great from my perspective!
Lexicon is part of a group purchase going on right now. E-mail Chris A. for details. You won't be dissapointed with the price and it is from an authorized dealer.

Check this thread:
Thanks for the info.. I contacted the ebay seller and his price is $4200 + shipping (two week delay from factory). Is $4,200 a fare asking price for the MC-1?
Rob, I had no idea that dealer cost was that cheap. Wow.

you should prolly know that dealer cost is around $2k for this unit, which leaves a bigger list price market than most gear. 3x instead of 2x.

i'd say 3500-4000 is a fair but not superb price.


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Thanks for your comments and advice. I'm shocked at the 2x dealer markup for the MC-1. I'll try a wait and see approach for B-stock or trade ins. $4,350 + shipping is a bit much for my pocketbook when technology is rapidly changing.

how can you be shocked at a 100% markup on an item that wont sell significant volume (when compared to mass market stuff like sony)? many things have even higher markups.

- Jerry
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