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I just recently purchased a 32LC2D and for the most part, I am happy with it. I do however have a couple problems that I want to figure out.

The first problem is something I noticed while playing around in paint to see just how well the TV performs. I drew the results in paint. Take a look at this: ht.tp://gallery.avsforum.c0m/uploads/7712392/lg32lc2d.png Sorry for the weird link, but I can't post images until I post 5 times? :/ Anyhow, the right part of the image is a close up of the left part and the top shows how 3 lines (r, g, b) should look. All 3 parts are my rendition of how the lines are being displayed on the screen. Part 1 is on a white background. Part 2 is on every odd pixel we'll say, and Part 3 is on every even pixel, both being on a black background. A large blob of any of the 3 colours looks fine, it's just the pixels on the horizontal edges that seem to go funny. This has nothing to do with horizontal scaling, as my PC is connected through the HDMI slot (same result with the VGA slot) and is at 1024x768. I have verified that there is no scaling that is occurring, but maybe some kind of filter? For the most part this isn't noticeable for movies or games especially if you're sitting further back from the TV. So I have to wonder if this is an LCD TV thing, a 32LC2D thing, or if I need to return this TV and get another one.

The second problem is something that I think ties into the first. When I am playing games on my PC, I noticed that everything is pixelated to hell. It's as if the TV is somehow undoing the anti-aliasing. Turning it to 8x or off doesn't seem to change anything, except performance. I have played with the settings, but I can't seem to get it to look like it did on my CRT. Again, I wonder if this is an LCD thing, or is it just my model.

My third problem is that I can't change the damn resolution :/ I seem to be stuck with 1024x768. I used powerstrip and was able to get 1152x648 (which no longer works, not sure why...). However, the TV needs to scale this which severely lowers the quality. I was really hoping to get my desktop going at 1366x768 or even 1360x768. I am fairly certain that this is a limitation of the TV.

I will be using this TV to play PC games at (hopefully) various resolutions, watching DVDs through my PC, and I'll be connecting a Wii to it when I get one. I will probably go into future shop tomorrow and buy a Samsung LNS3241D and return which ever one I like the least.

I was hoping to get some advice or answers to some or all of my problems posted.


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